Subtitle To Video Converter

Subtitle To Video Converter 1.0

A compact tool to multiplex video and a subtitle stream in a single output file
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I must admit I found the name of this tool somehow confusing at first – converting a subtitle stream into video did not seem to make much sense. In fact, what Subtitle To Video Converter really does is to put together in one single file a video stream and its corresponding subtitle file. The subtitle texts are then hardcoded into the video images, which you can then save in AVI, MKV, WMV, or ASF. This will allow you to enjoy these subtitled videos in a large number of portable devices, which usually cannot read external subtitle files.

In order to make the most of this tool, it is recommended that you download and install one of the most popular and comprehensive packages of codecs available – CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack). This filters pack will allow you to play, encode, and decode all the formats supported by Subtitle To Video Converter and some more. In fact, without this (or other similar set of codecs installed in your computer), this tool will not be able to save your videos into ASF or MKV. Besides, having CCCP installed in your system will give experienced users the possibility of tweaking the configuration of the ffdshow video encoder to fine tune the quality of your output videos.

Once you have all those codecs and filters installed and working, using the program itself is terribly easy. Its small and simple interface will let you select your preferred video and audio compressors – if you are not too familiar with these, I would advise you to let the program make that decision for you. The preferred output format is AVI, and the recommended audio codec is ADPCM. Being an uncompressed audio format, it may make the resulting file heavier than you expect – in that case, the program recommends MPEG Layer 3 (or MP3) as probably the best option for most portable devices. The conversion process is smooth and the results are more than acceptable.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports a large number of codecs, when installed in your system
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